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Sreevalsan Menon on 20th May 2018

20.05.18 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Nadasurabhi Silver Jubilee Celebrations (1993-2018)

Grand Carnatic Vocal Concert




A perfect alignment with sruthi, rich and pure voice, good choice of ragas and kritis with optimum manodharma will take any concert to great heights and provide great satisfaction to connoisseurs.  It is not easy to get this combination always, but Dr. Sreevalsan J Menon gave the best of all during his concert for Nadasurabhi on 20th May at Indian Heritage Academy hall.  Dr. Menon is a highly accomplished carnatic vocalist who also composes music for films.  With long years of training in the traditional Gurukula system, under Padmasri Neyyatinkara Vasudevan, he blossomed into a fine musician of repute.  He is also a prashishya of the great maestro Vidwan Ramnad Krishnan whose birth centenary is being celebrated this year. So the highlight of the concert was to present the songs popularised by the great maestro. He also included songs popularised and composed by stalwarts like Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar and M.D. Ramanathan (adhering to the path followed by his Guru).  He started the concert with the evergreen Viribhoni varnam in Bhairavi followed by Rakshamam in Gambhira Natta, with a neraval at Gurupavana pura vasa and a crisp swara prasthara. A clear sketch of Athana for Hariyum Harnum onre, with neraval at Pannaga shayanan Hari was impressive.  A detailed account of raga Charukesi and the following song Adamodi galade had a good tempo and neraval and swaram at chaduvulanni delisi were alluring.  A captivating Hamir Kalyani ragaalapana with majestic presentation of Gangeya vasanadhara of Swathi Thirunal was embellished with charming swaras at pallavi.  A quick Marugelara was in place after the lilting Gangeya….The main raga of the day was Kedaragoula presented neatly.  A rarely sung composition of Sri Papanasam Sivan, Swamiki sari evare was the choice.  Neraval and swarm at Parkadal thanil..was handled very well, followed by a very smoothly played tani avartanam.  Post Tani avartanam also had very interesting songs like Harihara nimmanu of Purandaradasa, Modi jesevelara – a javali in kamch, Sagara shayana vibho of MDR, Ranga saranga vismaya – a composition of Advaita Dasa, evergreen Dhanasri thillanaa and the Mangalam.  The speciality of the artist was embellishing almost every song with alapanas, neravals and swara prasthara with his high level manodharmam .  His clear diction, mature and sweet voice, perfect intonation were added attractions. The contribution of supporting artists deserves mentioning.  They were full of concentration and perfect understanding.   Charulatha Ramanjujam on violin was extraordinary in her following.  Her delicate way of handling the ragas and the soothing melody that she reproduced throughout was remarkable.  H.S. Sudhindra was no less in his subtle and superb following.  He played his brilliant stokes with an accurate following, so also Ranganatha Chakravarthy on Ghatam proved to be a valuable player with good understanding. The percussionists excelled in Tani avartanam for which the artist had an acknowledging nod!  It was a high class concert with the entire team performing at top level.  There was an overwhelming response for the concert.


Song List:

1.  Viribhoni               Ata tala varnam              Bhairavi

2.  Rakshamam                                                   Gambhira Natta (N,S)

3.  Hariyum Haranum                                        Athana (R,N)

4.  Adamodi galade                                            Charukesi (R,N,S)

5.  Gangeya Vasanadhara                                  Hamir Kalyani(R,S)

6.  Marugelara                                                    Jayanthasri

7.  Swamiki sari evare                                        Kedaragowla (R,N,S)

8.  Harihara nimmanu                                        Sindhubhairavi

9.  Sagara shayana vibho                                   Bhagesri

10. Modi jesevelara                                            Kamach (Javali)

11. Ranga saranga (Advaita dasa’s)                   Suddha Saranga

12. Thillana                                                        Dhanasri

13.  Pavamana – Mangalam                               Sourashtra

Vidwan Sreevalsan J Menon                  -Vocal

Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam            -Violin

Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra                  - Mridangam

Vidwan Ranganatha Chakravarthy         - Ghatam


Dr. Sreevalsan Menon comes in the musical lineage of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar. His advanced training was under Late Neyyattinkara Vasudevan. Dr. Menon has received numerous prestigious awards including the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy award and award from Madras Music Academy. He is an A Grade artist of AIR. He has composed music for many western and Indian movies which have been acclaimed internationally. Dr.Menon has released more than 20 CDs on different facets of classical music.

Smt. Charulatha, Sri. Sudhindra and Sri. Ranganatha Chakravarthy  have made ever lasting impression in the field of carnatic music with expertise in their respective instruments for several decades. 


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